Welcome to the registration website for the Fresh Approaches meeting

A New Look at Severe Asthma

This year we are pleased to be holding the fourth Fresh Approaches, a National educational meeting for the management of Severe Asthma, as digital webinars. This meeting is open to Consultants, Specialists Registrars, Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals specialising in Severe Asthma.

The webinars will look at the impact of asthma and COVID-19, technological advances in asthma and an expert question time session.

We hope that you can join us and help make the meeting as interactive as possible.

Professor Dominick Shaw

Meeting Chair
Professor Dominick Shaw
Nottingham City Hospital

Key experts involved in the formulation of the agenda:

Professor Andrew Menzies-Gow
Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, London

Professor Adel Mansur
Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham

Dr Hitasha Rupani
Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham

Dr Paddy Dennison
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust